Our clients contacted us after seeing our stepped house on social media. A lovely young family of 5, they have a similar steep property overlooking the water in the south, and could see how well our stepped house worked in with the topography. This design employs a series of pavilions stepping down the hill, seeking to capture the water views, as well as to optimise some flat area behind, where the pool and garden is to be located. The top pavilion is dedicated to public living , with a permeability that enables visual links to both the rear garden and pool as well as the water-views through the front. An Adults sleeping wing abuts this pavilion at right angles, creating a sheltered courtyard for the pool and garden. The next level down accommodates family bedrooms orientated towards the view, with a service core at the rear for bathrooms and laundry.


The next pavilion down accommodates a family room with guest suite, with the garage and entry at the lowest level. The stairwell creates an asymmetrical central ‘spine’ linking every level. The architectural treatment uses a variety of materials, including glass, timber and concrete to create a new building at one with nature. The design work was a close collaboration between Michael and Ignacio Pistone, a talented and able young architect from Argentina.


We were astonished and privileged to have had an incredible interaction during our first ‘reveal’. The wife started to tear up, and said something we shall never forget. ‘ I have the same emotional feeling I had when I first stepped into my wedding gown!”. It is such an amazing journey to work with clients so involved in the process of architecture and the creation of their family home. Evidence of this is that one of their sons, who has a keen interest in design, has recreated our sketch design in one of his video games applications.


Unfortunately, some events put a hold on the development, which we hope to continue in the near future.


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