Greenwich is a tightly knit community close to the city. Having seen our work through local friends, our clients

(a family of 5) appointed us to design their new home on a beautiful corner lot, sloping down to a public

nature reserve. They had lived in the original bungalow on the property for some years, before taking the

plunge in raising the old home to make way for a larger new one. With the northern orientation facing the

street, and 2 street frontages, this new double story home was designed with a private courtyard for the pool,

. Essentially c-shaped, the layout allowed for optimum sunlight through northern apertures on both sides of

the shorter wings, , as well dual east-west solar access off the main ‘spine’ being the secondary street wing.

The main bedroom suite is located off this courtyard, with the family bedrooms placed on the top floor.

The public living spaces enjoy views of both the pool and the parkland, with a variety of outdoor

entertainment spaces provided, including a covered terrace with skylights facing the street. Having lived in

China for some years, we incorporated this aspect of their lives in the guest bathroom, which has a blue/white

willow patterned basin brought back from their stay, further complimented by similar wallpaper. A fun

element was incorporated into the home with a rock climbing wall off one of the facades, with the chooks

housed in their own quarters at the rear of the property.


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