We were recommended to the owners by previous clients, for whom we designed the Greenwich Nature Reserve home.

This home is the antithesis of the sleek and contemporary Greenwich home, being an older sprawling, gracious double story home for a family of 5.

It’s bay windows and remarkable roof-scape truly define the essence of the house, which, while having been

subjected to several renovations over the years, managed to maintain its original good old bones which still

shone through.

We were very excited about this commission, as it provided us with am opportunity to showcase the flexibility

of our design skills, using a more traditional architectural language, unlike a lot of our work. We saw our design

mission as one of introducing subtle interventions within the existing traditional fabric and envelope, providing

improved planning and spatial flow to the home.

On the entry level, we reworked and opened up the rear of the house. The original kitchen, though well placed

and generous, was old and starting to fall apart. These were relocated to the side of the home, finished in custom

panelled joinery with classic black and grey geometric floor tiles. their relocation made the space for a new

family room which is now open to the newly designed kitchen, the rear garden and the pool. The new Family

Living space was subtly widened in the form of a linear bay window, with generous sliding doors opening onto

the original terrace. This existing stone terrace was also improved with the introduction of the only new structure in the home, an open-sided, timber-lined pavilion with skylights and built in bbq, creating a sheltered outdoor entertaining area.

The existing upper floor main bedroom, dressing area and en suite, while generous, were poorly laid out, with

the bed being located at right angles to the central bay window and the harbour views beyond. Working

closely with the able structural engineer, we ‘re-carved’ the bedroom area below the geometrically complex existing loft-like ceiling, placing the bed front and centre in the room, on axis with the bay window and the harbour. This bay, together with a secondary one on the side of the room, were given a stronger sense of place with the introduction of new built in storage under the upholstered day beds, providing spots for the owners to indulge in their passion for reading, when not running the home and organising a busy family and careers.

The new dressing area, which was previously a set of poorly designed cupboards along the length of the entire

bedroom, became a space of its own, tucked behind the head of the relocated bed.

The entire bathroom was refurbished, invoking a sense of luxury with its sculptural black and white bath, double shower and double vanity. This room was finished with a strong and luxurious palette of greys and charcoals, including distressed smoky metallics and textured small chevron tiled feature walls for contrast.

The existing garage was tidied up with a new staircase up to the loft replacing the rickety pull down ladder.

Many of the old windows were repaired and refurbished, the entire house was repainted, with the final piece of work being the re-staining of all the timber floors with a dark japan finish, thus bringing the home back into

a new unified whole.


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