Having developed something of a presence within the close-knit community that is Greenwich, our clients contacted us via local friends who had us design their home. The husband is a project manager for a major building company, so he undertook the actual build himself, relying on our expertise in the design and documentation work.

The family was outgrowing a modest 50’s bungalow, which is located on a corner site. We reworked the home to incorporate a new upper floor for sleeping accommodation, together with reworking the ground level.


A major goal was to clearly define the entry of the home,

as the original home had two entries, one off each street, making for unnecessarily complicated deliveries. The new single main entry was designed to have a much stronger

presence, being elevated off the street, with wide dramatic steps leading up to it. This was coupled with a new and generous double volume glazed stairwell expressing the corner of the home, and visible from the two street frontages. The other entry door was consumed into glass sliding doors off the side family area, reinforcing the primary of the front door.

We used a traditional hipped roof form over the main house, creating add-on closed and open cubic forms to introduce a more contemporary treatment below the roof.


These new forms are anchored at the rear with a sculptural sandstone indoor/outdoor fireplace.


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