Our clients had sold the family home to downsize, and found this generous relatively new apartment in Rose Bay. We were initially approached to create an additional bedroom out of the study. In visiting the family, it became apparent that their existing living and dining furniture, owned for over 20 years, would look tired and old in the sleek new apartment.

Our commission then grew to develop new interior furnishings and accoutrements for these spaces. Our mission was to create an elegant and gracious interior responding to the timeless architecture of the building. The living couch in a grey fabric anchors the open plan

space, surrounded by new fabric wall art pieces behind it, with open metal side tables on either side. The sculpturally shaped accent chairs were chosen to contrast to the square form of the couch, with a pair of coffee tables located in the centre of the space, all held together with a muted patterned new carpet.

The new dining space is furnished in a simple timber table, with timeless upholstered chairs, providing a softer sculptured contrast to the table. A new sideboard is finished in polyurethane doors which resemble buttoned upholstery, and is topped with a new table lamp and a collection of crystal pieces. A new lithographic artwork by the French artist Tobiasse, adorns the wall above. We chose to further define the dining space within the

large open plan with an American statement chandelier.


This imported piece took some time to arrive, and was the last piece to be installed. When the light finally arrived, we

received a panicked text over a weekend from the clients, saying how much they ‘hated’ the new light. We decided to let things sit over the weekend, and by the time Monday rolled around, they said they could ‘live with it’. Once it was installed however, they could see how it worked its magic over the whole room, and declared it to be their ‘favourite’ new piece in the apartment!

We reinvigorated the existing cream couches in the TV area with imported bold new scatter cushions, a new Moroccan black and white inlay side table and a low entertainment unit matching the ‘upholstered’ look of the dining room sideboard.

New furniture was selected for the spacious patio, with the final custom designed piece being a substantial daybed with storage below, and surrounding shelving for books and family pieces.


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