"We have worked with Michael Folk Architects and Interiors on 5 major residential projects over the past 20 years and have lived as a family of 4 in each of these over time. Michael and his team have a fantastic 

ones that tend to look clean and uncomplicated.
MIchael has a flair for interiors and has worked with us to resolve many design issues both structural and completion and we would, and have, recommended him several times.





"Michael Folk Architects and Interiors were inherited together with the home that we purchased and a DA in hand. Both the DA and home were wrong!!!! Michael proved to be unbelievably creative as he had to recreate whatever hard work he had put into the previous plans and resubmit another DA to our specifications. This journey was one of the best experiences of our lives, as we were told how awful it is to build..... On the contrary, Michael made it the most exciting time of our lives, helping us select finishes , advising us of spaces, assisting me with a kitchen I've waited for all my life by physically measuring all my platters!!!! It was a total pleasure working with him, so much so, that I would love to do this again!!!!! Michael is organised, efficient, and a total perfectionist and we would recommend him to anyone who like a home that they love. We have lived in our home for 2 years and there is not one thing that we can say that we "should have done , or could have done" as our architect did it all!!!!! ."





"Michael Folk Architects and Interiors were great  to work with. We clicked from the word go! They are professional, detailed and really try to understand the clients needs. Michael’s strength is definitely being clever with spaces by finding unique ways to make the most out of each area. His sense of light and colour is immaculate and he's got great, creative ideas. We loved the whole process with him. He built my parents house, my uncle's house and now our house so clearly we love what he does! ."




"If one is is still working with the same architect/designer for over 20 years I guess he must be doing something right. Michael Folk puts his whole self and passion into every aspect of his work, whether it be the rebuild of our home or choosing the right fabric for a small corner chair. We have done numerous projects over the years and no job is too big or too small. Michael has impeccable style and taste. He is extremely modest and always makes us feel that we have the style. There is no ego with Michael. it has indeed been our privilege to have worked with Michael and after all these years we have not only a fabulous architect, not only an interior designer par excellence but indeed we have made a friend." 



"My wife and I selected Michael as our architect because it was clear from the outset that he was listening to us, far more so than others we interviewed. We were setting out to build our dream home, not someone else's, and we felt Michael understood where we were coming from.

Michael did a terrific job understanding us and our family lifestyle, so that he could present ideas way beyond our imagination that were appealing to us. The end result for us is a house that we love as parents, that our kids love as teenagers, and that our friends and family love as visitors!

It's hard to imagine how we could have capitalised further on our block of land, which posed some challenges while possessing some attractive and unique features.

One aspect of designing and building that we weren't sure about was the project management. We elected to keep Michael involved throughout the project, and we believe that it saved us time, money and anxiety along the way. We built a rather complex house and moved in less than 12 months after tenants vacated the "knock-down". While this required a motivated and organised builder, the level of detail specified by Michael enabled things to move quickly throughout the process, and weekly site meetings kept things on track.

Take some time to talk to Michael about your building or renovating ideas, you should find him to be a good listener who aims to take your ideas and make them much, much better.

Happy renovating!."




"Michael Folk Architects and Interiors handled the renovation of our home in Rose Bay. Michael is so creative and innovative and designed the most beautiful home for us. Michael has such insight and vision. He created a haven for us and it was an absolute pleasure to work with Michael and his professional team. They are friendly, available and committed to each and every client of theirs."



"We have worked with Michael and his team on design projects as a client for over 30 years. He is talented, creative and a pleasure to work with. And he is also not greedy. I strongly recommend him for personalised, small to medium sized projects."


"The home is truly timeless!!! After living in this amazing home for 8 years, I am still blown away by the quality of design and build. It is both practical and modern in its use, and the thought around simple easy living, sustainability and maintenance was best of practice. It is honestly an easy upkeep and looks and feels new all the time. The open spaces and outdoor living really creates a beautiful family experience and an awesome entertainers dream property. The privacy of the bedrooms and the quality of finishes and build is testimony to the thought that went into the design.  It is such a privilege and treat to live in a home like this!!I would be happy to talk to or show anyone around the home I am so proud of."

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