About us



Michael Folk Architects & Interiors is a personalised design based practice with over 28 years of expertise and experience.


We approach our work with passion and commitment, and a constant eye on emerging trends keeps our work fresh and new. We blend the creative, visionary and innovative with the pragmatic, sustainable and cost efficient. Our dedication to both architecture and interiors, allows for a singular vision to permeate throughout every facet of a building, delivering the seamless integration of a concept from the architecture right through to furniture, fittings, finishes and artwork.


We undertake our work for clients within a rigorous framework of well-honed technical and management systems, ensuring the successful realisation of every project. A core value is our commitment to clear and open communication. This drives the transformation from an intangible concept and vision, through to the reality that is a fine building.

The staff comprises Michael Folk, the director, who is intimately involved in every aspect of the practice. We employ both experienced architects, as well as young undergraduates, who bring a youthfulness, freshness and vitality to the practice. Gina Krastev, our most senior architect, has been with us for over 18 years, and her exceptional skills, especially in documentation, are

reflected in the success of many buildings built to date.


Our commitment to excellence and integrity is born out in our work and relationships with clients, consultants, builders, local authorities and suppliers. We relish many enduring relationships with residential clients, who have engaged us on several commissions over the years, as their family needs have shifted, or their physical location has changed. A tribute to our success is the record prices several properties have achieved when on-sold.

Michael’s abiding interest in interiors has resulted in a relatively new stream of offerings to our clients, whereby we not only select the usual hard interior finishes to kitchens, bathrooms and the like, but we also curate the soft furnishings, art, carpets and lighting. This can create a more cohesive, complete home. In recent years, we have also been commissioned to solely undertake the interiors, which is something we relish and enjoy.


Our work has featured in both print and television media, with The Vee House featuring in the book ‘100 of the Best Houses for the 21st Century’. This residence has also proven to be a location of choice for a number of advertising campaigns over the years. Several of our clients’ buildings have also gone on to win Master Builder Awards.




We work with people, spaces and the physical environment to create beauty, functionality and liveable homes in which people can ‘be’, create and meditate, experience joy, and raise families.


It is both an honour and a privilege to design homes for clients and families, with the close partnerships and friendships that evolve through working with them during their project, and as they transition through different stages in their lives.


Our ‘why’ is to design the right home for our clients which will enable them to relax, engage, and re-invigorate. Their home becomes their sanctuary, their place of being that inspires them both aesthetically and functionally.